Radar Circle Region's Executive


Don Budnark


Sam Bradica


Doug Cartwright


Sam Bradica


Sam Bradica

Regional Rep

Don McNeil

Vehicle Inspection

Doug Cartwright


Steve Bowers
  Don Bray

Pub Relations

Jerry Sabo

Klaxon Reporter

Sue McNneil

Web Reporter

Dianne Budnark




Radar Circle's Upcoming Events 2020

Entries have the date, time, lunch, location



Tuesday March 3 -- 7:00 pm -- Doug & Berva Cartwright/Bud & Laura Mae Chamney -- Min. of Agr Food and Rural Affairs, 100 Don St., Clinton rear entrance 482-3333


Tuesday April 7 -- 7:00 pm -- Don & Joan Gower/Sam Bradica -- Min. of Agr Food and Rural Affairs, 100 Don St., Clinton rear entrance 482-3333


Saturday May 9 -- 8:00 am mtg at 11 am -- Vehicle Inspection, Evert & Cheryl Hessels -- Evert & Cheryl's home 287 McConnell St. Blyth


Saturday May 30 -- 9:00 am -- Spring Tour


Tuesday June 2 -- 7:30 pm -- Dawn & Wayne Tucker/Ken & Calista McNairn -- Dawn & Wayne Tucker's home 62 Proudfoot Ave., Dugannon -- bring chairs


Tuesday July 7 -- 6:00 pm -- Hot Dog Night Potluck -- Don & Dianne Budnark's home 140 Palmerston St., Goderich -- bring salad or dessert


Tuesday August 4 -- 7:00 pm -- Penny Sale -- Bill & Maxine Seers/Don & Dianne Bray bring chairs -- Bill & Maxine's home 285 Lakeside Dr., Goderich


Tuesday September 1 -- 5:00 pm, dinner at 5:30 pm -- Potluck Picnic Dinner -- bring food, plates, utensils & chairs -- Auburn Community Picnic Area


Saturday September 26 -- 9:00 am -- Fall Tour


Tuesday October 6 -- 7:00 pm -- Don & Sue McNeil/Steve & Rita Bowers -- Steve & Rita Bowers 42781 Moncrief Rd., Brussels


Saturday (TBD) -- ?? pm -- Christmas Dinner -- Candlelight Restaurant, 350 Bayfield Rd., Goderich  


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